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At the beginning of 2023,
Heritage Graziers moved to
Great Cotmarsh Farm and began an exciting new adventure ...


Heritage Graziers has moved to Great Cotmarsh Farm

After nearly a decade of working together to build our livestock business patchworked across the Cotswolds countryside, we finally have a farm to call our own. We have moved just over the border into North Wiltshire to Great Cotmarsh Farm, a lowland grassland farm at the foot of the Marlborough Downs. This is not just a home for our livestock, but a home for our family and so many many hopes and dreams. We are still pinching ourselves. It’s gone into organic conversion with the Soil Association and plans are already in motion to help the wildlife move in too.

Having our own farm isn't just great news for us - but it's good for our animals and our customers too. It is now easier for us to make decisions about infrastructure and how the land is managed, which gives us the opportunity to do an even better job of caring for our livestock and the wildlife around us - as well as producing the great quality, delicious lamb and beef we know you all love.

Most of our customers used our local delivery fee to receive their lamb and beef - and you will be pleased to know our delivery area hasn't changed and we are adding even more locations. Any collections now happen from our new address in the hamlet of Cotmarsh, Broad Town, SN4 7RA. 

If you'd like to see what we are up to at Great Cotmarsh Farm, have an explore of our new website. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. You can pop us an email to

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