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Tipi's preserve the memory of great men, heroes and warriors - of wild freedom, lavish hospitality, and intimate family life.

Organic pasture, nature and wildlife
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Tipi Adventures


Our handcrafted Sioux style tipis are 21ft in diameter (approx 32m sq each) and sleep 4-6 people comfortably. Proper beds and fluffy duvets ensure a good nights sleep and they are fully equipped with everything you need to cook up a feast. Furnished beautifully, with our own sheepskin rugs and blankets made from our flock of native sheep, give our tipis an authentic and luxurious feel.

Each tipi has a super-kingsize bed, two single trundles which pull out for sleep time and roll away during the day, and two single futons. We recommend a maximum of 4 adults or up to 6 for a family. There is a table and chairs for mealtimes, a camping stove and all the equipment you need for cooking simple meals. 

Each tipi has a deck area with outdoor furniture so you can make the most of the incredible view, and it's own traditional wood fired, Santa Maria Grill barbecue for Asado style cooking. Santa Maria Grills originated in central California and date back to the mid-1800s, when the land was still owned by Mexico. Ranchers in the Santa Maria Valley would host feasts for the cowboys, family and friends, barbecuing meat over earthen pits filled with hot coals of red oak. As producers of our own beef and lamb, we are passionate about the tastiest ways to cook meat and these barbecues are one of the greatest legacies from that era and have become California’s signature style of cooking meat over fire. The grill easily lifts off the top leaving you with a fire box, which makes an ideal wood-fired campfire. Fantastic for toasting marshmallows or simply to gather around whilst enjoying your evening outdoors. 

Our two tipi's share one of our off grid wash-houses. Discover natural products infused with essential oils, which will invigorate your senses, whilst you enjoy an outdoor hot shower under a beautiful brass soaking shower head. There is an earth-friendly compost toilet and an additional vanity basin area. If you're unsure about a holiday with a compost loo - check out this article in the Guardian Newspaper The no-flush movement: the unexpected rise of the composting toilet .


Field Kitchen
We have a field kitchen with a wood-fired oven. You can cook beautiful pizzas and we can sell you delicious sourdough pizza bases to make the process tasty and simple. There are cast iron pans available to for slow roasting meat, vegetables, curries, lasagnes and even to bake bread.​ 

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Please note, no cars are allowed in the camping field. This is not just to preserve the safety of other guests and the peaceful nature of the field, but also to help the way the field is managed to support biodiversity and soil health. We have large wheel barrows to help with unloading.

As a working farm with livestock onsite, we don't take dogs.

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